I'm Irina Pichura, Career and Mindset Coach and creator or Career Manifestations. After graduating one of the top universities in the country, I was passionate about a career in Human Resources. After over a decade of working as a recruiter for some pretty amazing companies, I decided to come to the other side and share all of the trade secrets that I learned throughout the years. I know my passion now is to help women find jobs that they desire!

I know that for many women, their careers are often a problem area and where there is a lot of struggle. My mission is to show women that the job search, career advancement, or finding your dream job doesn't have to be daunting and that you don't have to settle in this area of your life. You are far too fabulous and amazing to settle for anything!

We spend most of our lives at work, why the heck would you spend it not being 100% fulfilled and happy? This is where I come in! I will share all of my knowledge with you amazing women who are tired of the daunting job search and are ready to uplevel in this area of their lives. Life is way too short to play small and not be madly in love with what you do every day!